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Exterior Applications
Epoxy pebble stone overlay is a beautiful and cost effective solution for resurfacing ugly concrete. 

The Problem
In order to replace a worn out concrete driveway with new concrete it needs to be torn up and disposed of first.  Once the new concrete is poured it can not be used for about 30 days as it needs to cure.  Finally, when everything is done you still have concrete which is what you had to begin with.  The cost in most cases is double of our stone re-surfacing.

Our Solution
Take that same -less than nice- concrete driveway and cover over the surface with a new layer of epoxy pebble stone.  Stone overlay can be used three days after installation and it comes in many natural colors.  We can easily level out any uneven or broken surface areas giving you a superior surface finish.  Epoxy pebble stone lasts for many years and is also a repairable product, not like concrete.  See our before and after pictures.

View our before and after pictures

Interior Applications

Epoxy pebble stone is perfect for interior flooring as it can be applied on just about anything.  Kitchen and bathroom floors are permanently sealed for sanitation without losing there lustre appeal or natural stone look.   Walk On Stone custom builds and installs pebble stone counter tops.  Epoxy pebble stone is also popular for resurfacing old fireplaces or installing new fireplace surfaces.   We specialize in artistic designs and logos inserted into your residential and commercial flooring.  Simply provide us with a PDF file of your logo and we’ll put it in stone.  

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